The Odinist

Else Christensen's primary achievement was the publication for twenty one years of The Odinist from issue no. 1 in August 1971 until its demise with issue no. 150/151 in 1992. It came out eight times a year, and was always ten full typed pages long. Sample titles on a variety of religious, political, and philosophical topics included "New Values From the Past," "Ynglinga Saga," and "Havamal" (No.1), "The Beginning of Art" and "Morality" (No.2), "Is Man an Animal?," "Nationalism," and "Summer Solstice" (No.4), "The Beginning of Religion" and "Love and the Odinist" (no. 15), "A Hypostasis: Mysticism, Naturalism, and Science" (No. 24), "Stages of Christianity" (No. 26), "Genetics --Source of Destiny" (No. 32), "Odinism and Existential Realism" and "Thor" (No. 41), "Frey" (No. 80), "Against Capitalism, Against Marxism" (Nos 117-120), and "Zen Buddhism" (No. 124). All of the articles in The Odinist tended to be far more erudite in nature than the photocopied production values of the periodical would suggest. Taken together, the ideas offered by the many different authors who wrote for The Odinist over a period of 21 years comprise a valuable encyclopedia of Odinist thought.


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